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Dark Horse Presents....A Ouija Board PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 18-09-2008 09:10

cwdpboard.jpg Just when you thought they couldn't shill off more crap from Buffy, you stood amazed at the awesome power of merchandisers' completely random ideas....thus you get the "Conversation with Dead People" Board.

I gotta say, that's just clever.

It's a Ouija Board, but of course they can't officially call it that 'cause then they'd be sued by Parker Brothers or whoever the hell owns that board. Anyway, it looks almost exactly like a Ouija board, but with some different art on it and the fact that it's called something else. That looks to be it. 

Dark Horse wants you to know that the board is for "entertainment purposes only," so that means you shouldn't take it seriously when you call your Grandma from the great beyond and she responds by telling you to put on an extra sweater or you'll catch your death of cold.

They're selling this for $29.99. Apparently there's an instruction sheet with all-new comic panels in it. Whether or not those panels are from Buffy is anyone's guess. I think if Dark Horse wants to get into the cheap toy company business they should do what all cheap toymakers do and that's make an ultimately disappointing feature to their products. Instead of a Buffy comic panel in the box, it should be Hellboy or something. That would piss everyone off, and be funny at the same time.

Click Here to check out the specs.

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