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Dexter Renewed for 2 More Seasons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 22-10-2008 14:00

dexterbenz.jpg Good news for Julie Benz fans (and I guess Julie herself) - Showtime has decided to extend it's hit series (2.5 million viewers is considered a hit on Showtime apparently) Dexter for two more seasons.

I personally have not seen a single episode of Dexter, but I'm told it's very, very good. I believe Eric once told me that it's "the best show on television," and I would say that means quite a bit considering Eric watches a lot of TV. 

Showtime has ordered 12 episodes each for Season 4 and 5 (they are currently in Season 3). The show was nominated for 5 Emmys (which is great, but the Emmys have a "best reality show" category, so what's it all really mean?). It also received a 2008 Peabody award. 

News courtesy of Reuters/Hollywood Reporter.

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Posted by jack90, on 29-09-2014 03:29, IP, Registered
1. good
Sometimes the dividing line between performer and the audience may become blurred, as in the example of participatory theatre where audience members get involved in the production. 
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Posted by jack90, on 26-09-2014 07:25, IP, Registered
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Posted by milanrakic, on 17-09-2014 02:24, IP, Registered
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Posted by melencion23, on 23-07-2014 08:05, IP, Registered
4. great
really?that's a great news.. :grin  
I'm excited to see the new episode.. how to buy soundcloud packages 
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Posted by jennie9, on 21-07-2014 21:42, IP, Registered
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Posted by June Ara, on 23-05-2014 07:59, IP, Registered
6. He deserves it
He deseves it. He was a good actor. 
colon cleansing :) :grin :eek
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Posted by red, on 23-04-2014 08:14, IP, Registered
7. Details
There are many people who are hell bound behind the TV series 'Dexter'. I love to see more from the team and really felt happy that the article here has shared such a good news. Two more series is just not enough for me. I like to see more  
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