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Dollhouse News directly from Joss! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 14-05-2008 11:12

josseliza1.jpg Kristin from E!Online recently spoke with Joss Whedon who informed her and us of the following....


- Joss will be directing the second episode as well as the finished-on-Friday pilot, just to get things rolling.

- Sarah Craft and Elizabeth Fain are the show runners.

- Steve DeKnight and Tim Minear are both consulting producers on the series.

- Tim is writing and directing the midseason two-parter, namely episodes seven and eight.

- Joss would love to get Jane Espenson to write for the show, but she's busy on Battlestar.

- As reported earlier this week, Dollhouse will go at midseason, and, according to Joss, it's likely premiering in January. (Would someone please like to inform Dollverse.com that they should stop now?)

- There is no Dollhouse presentation planned at the Fox event, but Eliza Dushku might appear on behalf of the show.

- Joss: "I'm still having so much fun. I keep waiting for it to not be fun anymore."

(More after the break)


Joss needs your/our help promoting Dr. Horrible when it comes out, because the marketing group for that little online musical is...him.

Very interesting stuff there. Looks like Dollhouse won't have to worry about the World Series and all the other distractions that come from Fox during the fall. More to come on all of this I'm sure.

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