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"Dollhouse" a Mid-Season Replacement? Sounds okay to me. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 07-05-2008 07:39

josseliza1.jpg The Hollywood Reporter website mentioned in a piece this morning, "Fox's other high-profile new entry, Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," which is still in production, is eyed for midseason." According to them, the network's upfronts for fall suggest there's no real spot for the show until mid-season.

Some folks on the other Whedon-related sites are saying that this could really hurt the show, but I think it might be the best situation for it.

For starters, many of the most loved and religiously followed television shows started as mid-season replacements....including Buffy in 1997. We all know how that one turned out.

The point is this means nothing, except it gives Joss and his staff the time to put together the show and actually have more of a build-up than what it has even now. It allows for 3-4 extra months of viral marketing and word-of-mouth. It also allows FOX the time to figure out a way to market it better than they usually do (Anyone remember...Firefly: cowboys in space?).

So I guess the question is, would you prefer having the show air as soon as possible; or would you rather give it the best possible time slot and marketing behind it so that it lasts?

*Editor's Note: Dollverse.com is now reporting that the Hollywood Reporter article is wrong, and that the airdate will be confirmed on May 15th. They say it's still up for a Fall timeslot.

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