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Firefly on Blu-Ray -- Throw it at your mom! YAY! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 03-05-2008 15:36

51ibK1BytML._SL160_.jpg How did Fox know that my mom wanted a high-def version of Firefly? THOSE MIND READERS!

Firefly comes to Blu-Ray for the completely unreasonable price of $62.95 (and that's the cheapest you'll find it - that's from Amazon). If my sales pitch got you all excited, you can pre-order it now. I'm a regular Dwight Schrute over here.

Please give 20th Century Fox more of your money as you tell them, "it's okay that you cancelled my show after only 12 episodes, I'll still buy every version of it on all forms of media and give you more money for that prostitute you wanted last week. It's not like the original DVD version is good enough or anything."
I didn't see an actual release date on this item. Don't worry though, it'll be all over the place soon enough.
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Posted by Nora, on 04-05-2008 17:51, IP, Registered
1. You're shitting me!
$62.95??? :x Give me a BREAK! I got the directors edition from Best Buy for $7.99 like a year ago. Hell Serenity was on Cinemax HD yesterday and that was good enough for me. What kind of freak would spend that kind of money on...oh wait, nevermind..... :roll
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