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Happy Birthday, James Marsters! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 20-08-2008 11:10

hbjames.jpg We here at HMC would like to wish James Marsters a very, very Happy Birthday. The guy just gets better looking with age, doesn't he? Why, he could definitely still play a 25 year old. Just last week, I called Mr. Marsters...

Me: Hello James.


Me: James, it's Matt.

JM: WHO?! WHERE AM I?!! What's this THING on my EAR?! Some fancy hoozamabob! GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS!

I then hung up, because honestly, he probably would've thought I was his grandson and tried to get me to come over to tell me about what went on in the steel mill in 1952. And really, you can only hear those stories so much before you decide suicide doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Happy Birthday, you old coot.

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Posted by Nora, on 20-08-2008 12:02, IP, Registered
:grin :grin :grin Can't.....stop.....laughing!! :grin
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