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It's a Girl for Alyson and Alexis PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 31-03-2009 11:59

alyson-hannigan2.jpg In happier news, today it was announced that late last week, Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof had a baby girl. They named her "Satyana", which I can't pronounce, so it must be a good celebrity baby name.

Congratulations to the new parents.


God, I feel like Ryan Seacrest or some shit.

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Posted by milanrakic, on 17-09-2014 02:32, IP, Registered
1. Regardless
Regardless it looks adorable even it got derailed. Anyways, a debt of gratitude is in order regarding imparting this! I truly like it.  
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Posted by milanrakic, on 17-09-2014 02:27, IP, Registered
2. Not withstanding it looks
Not withstanding it looks delightful even it got wrecked. Anyways, an obligation of appreciation is in place with respect to granting this! I positively like it.  
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