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Lesbians LOVE The Whedon-Verse! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 02-06-2008 09:17

hot100.jpg Everybody's favorite sexual preference -- Lesbians (of course) -- just named their Hot 100 at AfterEllen.com (much in the same vein as FHM except with additions like the entire F'N cast of the L Word). The 3 ladies you see to your left were on that list.

Eliza Dushku came in at #28, Alyson Hannigan showed up at #59, jumping way up after going brunette, and she does look damn good. Amber "I played a lesbian, thereby making it illegal for lesbians NOT to love me" Benson pops up at #65. She was ahead of Katherine Heigl, Rachel McAdams and Kristen Bell......riiiiiight. Lesbians are funny.

I did realize one thing after looking through the list....I must not be caught up on gay culture, because I didn't recognize about 30-40 women on this thing. Who the shit are Jill Bennet and Leisha Hailey?

You can check out the entire list by clicking here .

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Posted by blkswansec, on 02-06-2008 09:54, IP, Registered
1. Not just you...
No Matt, it's not just you. I'm at least half-way in the 'verse and I don't know some of these ppl.
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