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May 1, 2008: HMC Re-Launched....Again???!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 01-05-2008 00:58

weareback.jpg Yes, that's right. We're back....or at least I am. We'll have to see who tags along, if anyone. But for now, your tour guide through hell has finally made his prodigal return to HMC. Wash my feet, throw me a party and tell my good brother to get bent, cause The Poobah is back and he wants some lamb stew.

What's been happening since our absence?

Well, there was a writer's strike. That apparently didn't go exactly the way everyone involved wanted, but then again it rarely does.

Let's not forget that we're now counting down to "Dollhouse" - created by Joss and starring Eliza Dushku (and now co-starring Amy Acker). I'm still not entirely 100% behind the concept, but it's Whedon so of course I'll try to be more optimistic.

As I progressively beg others to join in the write-y goodness, we should be covering quite a bit of Dollhouse and everything else the other Whedon-actors and writers are doing. We won't be up-to-date news-like.....I think that's pushing it. You want that sort of stuff, Whedonesque is somewhere around that way. You can't tell, but I'm pointing in one direction.

What else happened? Sarah Michelle Gellar was in some silly Richard Kelly movie. Marsters did some more Smallville and then some brit show called Torchwood (which I have not even come close to seeing nor particularly care to). Boreanaz is still on Bones. That thing still running? Lost money there. Drew Goddard wrote a monster movie that actually made me jump (Cloverfield), so congrats to him. Other stuff happened that no one should care about.

It's good to be back. I hope you all enjoy the fabulous new FORUMS that you need to register for in order to use. Keep coming back here to check out the cool stuff (not to mention older stuff that we will be archiving very soon).

Welcome back to hell.

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Posted by weekinwhedon, on 02-05-2008 20:35, IP, Registered
1. Sweet
Damned good to have you back HMC, always loved the site and let's face it, coming back from the dead is all part of the Whedon mythos. Now entertain me and I'll sacrifice a goat in your honor.
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