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Nathan Fillion says Dr. Horrible is "Gonna Rock" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 11-05-2008 10:45

fillion-horrible.jpg Nathan Fillion (that guy all those crazy chicks can't get enough of -- who happens to be real cool from all accounts) recently spoke to the fansite TruckerMovie.net about his new film "Trucker", as well as the usual Serenity 2 question, and his role in Joss' web musical, "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog." Obviously a busy guy.

Fillion said about Dr. Horrible, "It’s gonna rock. It’s gonna rock. For something that looked kinda felt… Joss called me up and said “Hey, me and my brothers and one of my brothers’ fiancé, we wrote this thing, a musical, we’re going to put it on do you want to do it?” Sure! Six days of filming, this incredible music that we were singing, these incredible lyrics, these wonderful songs, it’s just… it sounds kinda hokey but in six days all these people pulling together… I saw a rough cut of this thing and it’s frickin’ great." I take it he liked it.

Be prepared for Dr. Horrible -- if it's even barely watchable -- to be a huge success with the 20-45 pimple brigade. Not that it will suck.....it'll probably end up being great. I just had to throw in the proverbial dig at Browncoats (even by all accounts I pretty much am one -- what are ya gonna do?).

There's still no date for Dr. Horrible's web debut. "Trucker" ran at the Tribeca Film Festival a couple weeks ago, but currently (from what I can tell) has no distribution deal. Lastly, "Serenity 2" is still a made-up concept -- deal with it.

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