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Nathan Fillion to be at Dragon*Con: Be Afraid PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 17-08-2008 10:43

fillion1.jpg Let me get this straight....James Marsters AND Nathan Fillion will be appearing at Dragon*Con?

Oh Jesus....Sweet, Sweet Jesus, please save us from the implosion of the planet. I don't know if we can handle the pure geeky fangirl energy that will be pushed to the breaking point in Atlanta, GA on August 29th.

The Dragon*Con website is reporting that Nathan Fillion has signed on as a guest just 12 days before the convention. If I tabulate all the data, check the weather patterns and drink about 4 and a half cans of Red Bull,  I will have figured out that this means we're doomed in...

...12 days. Shit. Did I really need to do all that?

I have to say, I am now so glad I'm not going this year. Do you REALIZE how CRAZY it's going to be now? James Marsters AND Nathan Fillion....at the same convention that in a bad year holds at least 25,000 people?  Double that last year at least......probably triple it this year. I would be scared to walk anywhere. And the elevators. My God. The Elevators.

The apocalypse begins August 29th in Atlanta. Who would've thought it would all end there?

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Posted by Nora, on 18-08-2008 13:39, IP, Registered
1. Yikes
It should be renamed "40+ year old horny women Con" :grin
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Posted by spooky_sam1101, on 17-08-2008 23:41, IP, Registered
2. Fan Girls
I can only Imagen the horror of all those fan girls in one place, no wait I've lived it, I've been to a Jonas Brothers concert. Belive me your ears are never the same.
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