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RUNAWAYS: Running to a Movie Theatre Near You! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 22-05-2008 08:07

runaways01.jpg Lame title, indeed.

Just when you were going, "What the hell is taking so long with Runaways #30??!!" comes the ultra, ultra (that's 2 ULTRA'S, yeah!) cool news that the friggin' fabulous comic book "Runaways" is being developed for the big screen. Creator Brian K. Vaughn (ABC's Lost) is writing the screenplay. No director has been announced yet.

Let the "Joss for Director" campaign begin.

You know, if it were up to the fans, Whedon would have 15 projects all at the same time, which would surely kill him.

But really, how cool would it be for Joss to direct this? Of course it would be ideal. I don't know how much time he currently has -- with Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible on the way -- but we'll see. Joss' work on the series has been great, no doubt. His direct ties with the comic book would help the film be true to the characters as much as it could be, knowing that he has accurately written for them in the past.

Regardless if Whedon directs or not, this is still one film I'm really looking forward to; I gotta say I love the comics.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (which -- by the way -- was right about the mid-season replacement news. I love how that Dollverse site didn't mention that they themselves were wrong.)

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