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Rolling Stone Says Joss & Eliza Are Cool PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 04-06-2008 10:28

joss-strike.jpg Someone apparently needs to inform Rolling Stone that they themselves haven't been cool since 1972.

Regardless, they say Joss Whedon (seen to the left looking like if Crocodile Dundee did his clothes shopping at aeropostale) and Eliza Dushku are #2 in some random "Top 10 Best in TV, the Web, Books and More" list. By the way, that "list" makes about as much sense as two dogs running from a de-clawed cat. And what's with lists nowdays? Not to say I'm not guilty of doing one or two of 'em, but still...

I blame David Letterman.

To give you a little understanding on how well-crafted this top 10 is -- trampoline accident videos are #10. So....yeah....let's not care too much about this.


Click here to read the Joss/Eliza entry.

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