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Serenity 2 Not Happening...for the 50th time. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 14-08-2008 10:34

serenity1.jpg The MTV Movies Blog talked to Joss Whedon and Summer Glau on the rumors of a Serenity Sequel. According to Joss, "The rumors are there because people really wish it would happen." He also went on to say, "I’d do it in a heartbeat, because I love those people so much.” But that doesn’t change the fact that the rumors are not being circulated “by anyone who owns a studio,” and “nobody’s knocking on our door.”

Summer's response to doing another movie was enthusiastic to say the least. 

So what does this mean? Well, I don't know about you but it sounds like whoever keeps making this stuff up about Serenity Part Deux needs to get a life or something, 'cause it sounds like it's not happening.

Honestly, as much as I'd like to see another film, who would invest in another one? As far as I know, Universal didn't even turn a profit (they may have come close to pulling even after all the DVD and special edition DVD sales were calculated). This was after all the fan screenings, and the viral marketing and everything pumped into getting an audience that simply wasn't there. The fact is there was a lot of wrong choices during the months leading up to Serenity (the aforementioned fan screenings for instance), but the public just didn't come out for it, and it wasn't even a summer movie competing with a lot of other blockbusters. 

If Joss could say he could make it for $20 million instead of $40 million, then there's a chance somebody would swipe it up. But I don't think it'll happen. The fans need to watch the stuff we have and stop begging for something we don't. Would we like a sixth season of Angel? Yes....but it'll never happen. Would we like a Serenity sequel? Yes, but why not enjoy what we got and let things be. If it happens, then it happens. These rumors (i.e - wishes) get old....but that's fandom for you.

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