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Thursday Quickies: Robot Chicken, Silly Articles, and more! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 12-06-2008 09:52

robotchicken1.jpg It's time for another quickie!

In an interview with Moviehole , Seth Green said about Robot Chicken“I don’t wanna tease it too much, but we have a bit [of Buffy] as our fourth-season opener that Joss Whedon is in”, says Green. Matt adds, “Without giving anything away, Oz may or may not show up in that same episode." Sweet! Of course, I haven't seen any Robot Chicken since Season 2, but sweet!

Angel will be premiering on Hulu beginning Monday, June 23rd. TVSquad.com has more on that in this article .

Silly unimportant online articles keep creeping up involving Buffy in some way. For instance, Yahoo! recently had a list (one of those again!) of essential tv shows on dvd you should watch during the summer. Buffy is on that list. Thanks Yahoo! No one would know that's essential viewing. You're about 5 years behind, Yahoo -- kind of like your search engine. Check out the stupidity here .

To add to the "obvious idea for a feature" list, EW.com recently ran a list of the "28 Castmates with Perfect Chemistry". Angel and Buffy, and Spike and Buffy both tied. Congratulations....you've been lumped together in a list with those kids from One Tree Hill, and Starsky and Hutch. Do they get an award for this? Click here to see the entry. 

 This was the quickie. You know you liked it.

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