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Tuesday Quickies: Charisma in College and more! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 03-06-2008 12:53

cc-jw.jpg You want the quickie, you need the quickie....

Charisma Carpenter (shown to your left in the grinniest photo I've ever seen in my life) will be reprising her role on the ABC Family series, "Greek" for it's season 2 premiere episode. She's back as the national sorority representative from the 1st season. I don't watch this show, so at first glance I thought I read that she was playing a college student, but then I re-read it. Man, I had an article prepared comparing her to Jason Priestley's 120 year old butt still being on 90210 at one point. Not that Charisma looks 120...surely not. I'm just saying, she isn't 22....or 32....or 35. All of this is irrelevant anyway. Click here for TV Guide's report.

Spoiler Alert: Brian Lynch has Alex Garner's cover of Angel: After The Fall #11 up on his blog now. Check out by clicking here . I'm sad to report that I don't own any of the Angel: ATF's and I haven't read a single issue yet. Anybody want to send a guy some issues? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Sci-Fi Weekly interviewed Joss about Dollhouse. There are a few spoilers in it, but nothing that will really ruin anything for you, as I don't believe it ruined anything for me. Anyway, if you interested in the Dollhouse bananza 24/7, give it a look-see. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same things he's been saying for the last month with a couple new descriptions for the series and characters. Click here to read it.

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