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Tuesday Quickies: More Dollhouse, Jewel = full time, and more! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 20-05-2008 13:49


It's your quick fix time! Let's roll.

More Dollhouse news...

- Fox has increased the episode order to 13 episodes, with the possibility of going all the way up to 22. I guess that would depend on the ratings.

- The show will air Mondays at 8PM as the lead-in to the seventh season of 24 in mid-January. Wow....talk about a prime timeslot. Can't get much better than that. No fan will be able to complain about "how the network screwed us over by putting the show on a shitty day at a shitty hour." The only hour better than the lead-in to 24 on Fox is the lead-in to American Idol (sadly). So there won't be any "damn the network!" campaigns -- especially with all the support Fox is giving the show so far.

- There's a small interview with Joss over at Sci-Fi Wire. It's all about Dollhouse; click here for that. Another interview at Entertainment Weekly can be found here .

Other News....

- Jewel Staite has become a full-time cast member of Stargate: Atlantis just in time for it to get canceled next season. Yay! The new season airs on Sci-Fi and begins July 11th.

- Buffy #13 was the 11th best-selling comic book in April, according to the Diamond sales charts . Angel: After The Fall #6 placed 45th, and Serenity: Better Days #2 reached 32nd.

This was the quickie. Felt good, ya?

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