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Horse's Ass of the Week: Antonella Barba PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 01-03-2007 21:35

antonella-sing.jpgWho is Antonella Barba? She's that no talent singer on this season's American Idol. If you're going to ask me what the hell I'm doing watching American Idol, that's an easy question. You are reading a pop culture site. I write about anything, and I was bored one night and I enjoy watching people make asses of themselves, so there. Leave me alone.

I like it. Balls to you.

Now onto the purpose of this article. Antonella can not sing, yet somehow she is still on the show. Let me elaborate about her singing ability. Picture someone as tone deaf as Ashley Simpson, with no rhythm, no tempo with the music behind her. Picture someone who is trying to pull off Aerosmith and Celine Dion songs, but has the vocal range of a 65 year old smoker. I literally know a 5 year old boy that has a stronger vibrato than this preppy chick.

antonella-finger.jpgI had to ask myself, "Well, Matt - how's she still on the show?" Then I realized I was talking to myself in typing form, took my medication and moved on.

It's really quite simple. Guys vote for her because she is easy on the eyes. By easy on the eyes I mean she's a nice piece of ass.

But what about the girls? My conclusion is that Antonella is in the same vein as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and all the other girls in Hollywood. They skate in with their looks, do some slutty publicity whoring, and keep it up so they don't get forgotten. Antonella's already on the fast track with some racy photographs she took awhile ago, apparently infront of some WWII memorial. Ouch. That's some tough publicity whoring. The girl deserves a gold star smacked on her ass from Paris Hilton herself. That would be a tremendous photo-op. Someone set that up.

Why little girls look up to these "ladies" is beyond me. It makes no sense. You could blame the media, or sites like ours for covering stories like that, but really, he who smelt it dealt it. I don't smell anything, so fuck you.

Antonella was saved tonight. America decided to get rid of the less attractive Leslie Hunt, and the equal-to-Antonella-hot, equal-to-Antonella-no-talent, Alaina Alexander. What does this mean? Well, you were all 50% on the night. That's not good enough. Then again, you all voted a southern guy who flailed around like a big dumb goof as your pick last year, so I don't have much faith in you.

horseass.jpgMaybe when it comes down to it, Antonella might be the horse's ass of the week, but you who vote for her are just as guilty.

You want a dumb hot chick on your TV? Turn to the next channel. Chances are you'll run into another one right away. Let her go. Do it for little girls. Do it for older sophisticated women. Do it for my lacking faith in humanity.

Don't be a horse's ass.

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Posted by berniealcala, on 19-08-2014 00:01, IP, Registered
1. I've not remarked on much here,
I've not remarked on much here, however I at last did. I found these photographs the previous evening. Most realize that I'm decently preservationist in a ton of ways, particularly concerning military and seriously so regarding the matter of the era that battled WWII. That she picked the WWII Memorial to take those photographs is disgraceful, absolutely and totally. 
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Posted by berniealcala, on 18-08-2014 23:55, IP, Registered
2. Nice!
She looks totally doltish when she contends Simon's focuses. She can't sing and that is how the money adds up. Everybody appears to know it however her. No more to make me concur with this present site's week by week recompense. 
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Posted by Seven, on 09-03-2007 07:59, IP, Registered
3. ...
And Antonella's gone!
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Posted by Idiot of the Year, on 08-03-2007 16:13, IP, Guest
4. Right On!
I didn't like American Idol until I actually watched an episode in Season 4. It is now one of my favorites thanks to Simon Cowell and his no bull assessments. I wish Americans would be more like him instead of all that patronizing fluff that Paula spews out. 
You are right on Matt. Antonella may be an attractive girl, but she is a snot nosed priss who's singing ability, while much better than mine, is not good enough for radio. She looks completely stupid when she argues Simon's points. She can't sing and that's the bottom line. Everyone seems to know it but her. That's enough to make me agree with this site's weekly award. Way to go!
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Posted by Nora, on 08-03-2007 14:46, IP, Registered
5. ...
I saw the pics today, she has more hair on her back than my husband does :x
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Posted by vgkvbhjk, on 07-03-2007 12:00, IP, Guest
6. ...
you go gal.
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Posted by Seven, on 05-03-2007 15:56, IP, Registered
7. ...
I've not commented on much here, but I finally did. I looked these photos up last night. Most know that I'm fairly conversative in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to military and intensively so when it comes to the generation that fought WWII. That she chose the WWII Memorial to take those photos is shameful, utterly and completely...
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Posted by By the way:, on 05-03-2007 01:21, IP, Guest
8. ...
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=1dmVU08zVpA 
Not related, but very needed.
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Posted by Aeryn, on 02-03-2007 19:45, IP, Registered
9. ...
Weird ....... Tim was just telling me about her. He said that she keeps getting voted on cause of the nudie pics of her on the net.  
That's why I don't watch that show. They threw off that one chick a while back cause of pics like that..... she should get the same, but cause she is white and hot instead fat, she gets to stay.  
Again..... a reason I hate that show and do not watch.
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Posted by Joshy., on 02-03-2007 11:22, IP, Guest
10. ...
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