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Eat Dinner with James Marsters for $150!
Written by Matt, on 13-08-2008 08:58

marsters1.jpg Seriously, I try not to be so negative, but it's stories like this one where I find myself hating the fandom I'm involved in.

As most people who check out fan conventions know, Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA is coming up soon, and James Marsters will be there. If you didn't know, the D*C people go absolutely ga-ga for him, and that includes the people in charge. A well-placed source told me that the folks in charge concentrated so much on getting him that they let Adam Baldwin slip through their fingers....again. 

Well, now 60 of you can feel the warm supernatural glow of Mr. Marsters by joining him for a special dinner in Atlanta.  The cost....a measly $150.

$150???!!!! To eat dinner in the same room as an actor? REALLY?! Feel these nipples!

You can't just sit down and have a conversation with him the entire evening either. You have to listen to him sing and play guitar when he gives the room an accoustic performance. It's comparable to paying to go to the circus and watch a monkey do tricks. I mean, come on....isn't this a bit like....I don't know....prostitution? 

For those of you with absolutely no concept of using your money wisely, the information for this "special" evening is here . By the way, there's good chance you'll get to talk to him. Just like a politician at a fund-raiser, he'll come to your table and talk to you as if you matter after he's already put your money in his pocket. But at least think of it this way, you'll get to ask him a question that he's probably already answered 4,000 times before.....so have it!

Dragon*Con starts Friday, August 29th.

Seth Green to HEROES?
Written by Matt, on 12-08-2008 16:57

seth1.jpg I go away for a week or so and all kinds of crap happens while I'm gone. Apparently this includes EW's Michael Ausiello reporting on Seth Green being in negotiations to have a multiple story arc on NBC's HEROES. The negotiations also include Breckin Meyer (or as I like to call him, "the guy who gets Seth's leftover roles"). Yes, you're right...it would probably just be easier to call him by his name.

According to Ausiello, Green and Meyer will play "comic book aficionados who cross paths with (and perhaps serve as advisors to) one of the Heroes." Without really spoiling, you could more than likely guess who that is.

The Heroes season premiere is Monday, September 22nd at 9PM EST.

YouTube Pick of the Week: Over 3 Minutes from Buffy The Animated Series
Written by Matt, on 04-08-2008 10:24
A few years back, we were about to get an animated series about Buffy. It never happened....well, sort of. They apparently made a little bit of it, 'cause that's what we have above. The chick who does Buffy's voice in the video games, Alyson Hannigan, Nick Brendon and Tony Head do the voices in the clip. So yeah, no idea why this didn't make it. Looks like it could've been cute.
Thanks to TV Squad and Jennifer for finding the clip.
Thursday Quickies? May-haps a little of everything.
Written by Matt, on 31-07-2008 10:00

prinzejr1.jpg - There was a lot of stuff coming out of Comic-Con, none of which I'm particularly interested in so I didn't cover anything. It was basically more of the same. There's talk of a 4th installment of Dr. Horrible, but at this point it would have to be completely flipped on it's ear to make me feel the need to cover it.

- Chico Jr. got a job! Good for him, I thought he was done for....well, I guess he is, 'cause his new job is writing storylines for the WWE. Yes, THAT WWE. Earlier in the week it was announced that Vince McMahon gave our favorite SMG tag-along a job writing for the "sports entertainment" company. Have fun with that.

- Mike Myers is writing Austin Powers 4, which will focus on Dr. Evil and Scott Evil (Seth Green). I think I speak for many folks when I say, "Do we really need this?"....Seriously? Anyone remember "Goldmember?"

- On a personal note, I just saw The Dark Knight (finally), and Heath Ledger is as good as everyone says he is...and more. Go see it, if you aren't one of the millions upon millions who haven't yet.

Dollhouse Pilot Being Re-Made: What that Really Means
Written by Matt, on 23-07-2008 10:00

joss10.jpg I have to admit....I'm still pretty pissed off with the way Dr. Horrible ended, so I wanted to take time off, even with the recent news that the Dollhouse pilot was being completely re-made by Whedon. But I figured I should say something, even if my mind isn't in the right place with Joss-related stuff.

So Joss is remaking the Dollhouse pilot, and he says it was "his decision" to do it. Okay, I'll buy it. Eric and I had a conversation about it today, and I have to agree with him when he said he's sure it was Joss' decision. Just like he's sure that the FOX execs said, 'let's just run 4 episodes and see where it goes' in a very unenthusiastic way, and Joss got the beeping red light that the show wasn't making them happy in their pants, so he pressed the panic button.

That sounds about right to me. It's honestly the only reason I could see REALLY warranting a complete re-do. Whedon fans can suck up everything he says with a straw and just buy it like it's gospel, but I gotta say there's an underlying panic mode to all of this, and if you don't see it, you may want to get your head out of whatever magical hole it's stuck in.

I'm sure there will be more to this story later on. 

Review: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Part 3)
Written by Matt, on 20-07-2008 10:58

drhorrible5.jpg What the fuck was that?

I might as well get it out of the way. If you want to read a positive review from a mind controlled kool-aid drinker, go to whedonesque. You won't get that here.

Anyone who tells you that the last act of Dr. Horrible was "brilliant" or "amazing" or anything like that is either a) Someone who doesn't know how a story is supposed to be structured or b) Likes anything at all times that Joss writes, therefore should never be able to write an objective piece.

Act III completely and totally ruins the first two acts, which were fun and light-hearted, and turns them into complete and utter mush. (More after the bump)

Review: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Part 2)
Written by Matt, on 18-07-2008 08:50

drhorrible4.jpg "The hammer is my penis."

The second act of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is exactly what you would think it is....the transitional part of the story. As with any second part of a three-part play, it sets up act three and establishes the characters more. Whedon, who knows how to write structure, does exactly that. 

Billy is still pining over Penny while she's dating Captain Hammer. Billy and Penny start meeting like a couple of friends at the laundromat, as she talks about how great Hammer is.....which of course annoys the hell out of the doctor. 

(More after the bump)

Review: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Part 1)
Written by Matt, on 16-07-2008 08:55

drhorrible3.jpg After finally being able to see Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I can sum it up it one easy word....fun. It has a sarcastic wit about it, just like with anything Joss Whedon creates. This is obviously no different.

The best bit of casting the Whedon brothers made is with the title role itself --- Dr. Horrible. Neil Patrick Harris has been doing a lot of great work recently on "How I Met Your Mother", the Harold and Kumar flicks and now as Billy a.k.a Dr. Horrible.

More after the bump.

Editor's Rant: Not to Say I Told You So....
Written by Matt, on 15-07-2008 10:25

drhorrible2.jpg ....But yeah. I did.

The Dr. Horrible website has been down since earlier this morning, one can assume due to high traffic. Most people can't even get on the page. With any normal server, this was bound to happen. Which begs the question: why didn't Joss just get someone to back him at the beginning of all this?

He talks about "selling the dvd to pay his actors", but couldn't he have paid them and been on a high-powered server just by getting a small'ish studio to front some money at the start? It just seems like bad business practice.

I'm sure the site will come up (maybe at any moment), but these questions should still be asked. Whedon's business sense doesn't seem to be all that great (keeping in mind I love his creative sense).This, of course, is the same guy who thought,  "I think i'll show serenity before its even done to all the hardcore fans for 6 months, and then assume they'll spend money to see the film again on opening night." Which they did not. It's kind of in the same vein.

Also, taking the show offline and thinking NO ONE will leak it on youtube is also making silly assumptions. Of course someone will post it on youtube. This is the internet. If you don't think it'll happen because your fans are loyal minions, you're being naive.

Anyway, it's currently 11:22 AM EST, and the site is still down....and I have not seen part 1 yet. You may want to check back here for a review on part 1 once I actually get to watch it.

Reminder: Dr. Horrible will be posted this week!
Written by Matt, on 14-07-2008 13:31

drhorrible1.jpg Just a quick reminder that Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will be online this week. The first part of the three-parter will be up tomorrow (Tuesday, July 15th) at DrHorrible.com. The second parter will be posted on Thursday, and the final part on Saturday. You can catch it all at the official website of the online film.

It will be hard for this musical to exceed expectations, because the expectations seem to be extremely high. The media outlets that have already seen it say it's awesome, so it's getting high praise before it even airs. I'm hoping that the website is on a good server, because with all the word-of-mouth and blogs posting about it, it should have a healthy amount of traffic going to the website starting tomorrow. Bandwidth issues could really muck up the works.

Not to say they'll get Firefox numbers or anything, but when Firefox 3 was released a couple weeks ago they had to shut down the downloads for it because of the extremely high amount of traffic that was coming to the website. I'd imagine Dr. Horrible isn't on the same type of high-powered servers mozilla has, so it has to be a concern. Again, I don't believe this will get firefox 3 traffic, but it could get exceedingly high traffic. It really depends on how well the marketing campaign played out.

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