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Deadbeat: Hank Summers
Written by Matt, on 16-06-2008 09:53

deadbeat1.jpg In honor of Father's Day (which was yesterday, but who's counting), we take a retrospective look at one of the absolute worst fathers of all-time. The deadbeat to end all deadbeats, Mr. Hank Summers.

It didn't used to always be this way. In the beginning, Hank was a loving father and a semi-okay-alright-so-not-that-great husband. He used to pick Buffy up in Sunnydale and bring her to Los Angeles to spend summers with her and buy a whole load of shoes....and shoes...and more shoes.

The process seemed to be a good one, but over time Hank stopped caring.

He started canceling birthday visits. He and Buffy were supposed to go to icescapades, but he got too busy with work. Then he stopped calling, and by the following year (around the time Buffy was about to graduate) Buffy stopped hearing from Hank completely. A matter of fact, it seemed like Hank didn't exist anymore. The only reason we know he was still alive was because once every year or two, Buffy would make mention of how she couldn't get ahold of him over the phone.

YouTube Pick of the Week: Punisher: War Zone
Written by Matt, on 13-06-2008 11:07

This one is co-starring Julie Benz. Even though I don't believe you see her in the trailer, I thought since it just came out people would like a look at it. I'm a big Punisher fan, and to be honest I'm not all that pumped up for it. Ray Stevenson, to me, doesn't look like Frank Castle. The trailer itself is okay, but there's nothing really special about it. Take a look.

Thursday Quickies: Robot Chicken, Silly Articles, and more!
Written by Matt, on 12-06-2008 09:52

robotchicken1.jpg It's time for another quickie!

In an interview with Moviehole , Seth Green said about Robot Chicken“I don’t wanna tease it too much, but we have a bit [of Buffy] as our fourth-season opener that Joss Whedon is in”, says Green. Matt adds, “Without giving anything away, Oz may or may not show up in that same episode." Sweet! Of course, I haven't seen any Robot Chicken since Season 2, but sweet!

Angel will be premiering on Hulu beginning Monday, June 23rd. TVSquad.com has more on that in this article .

Silly unimportant online articles keep creeping up involving Buffy in some way. For instance, Yahoo! recently had a list (one of those again!) of essential tv shows on dvd you should watch during the summer. Buffy is on that list. Thanks Yahoo! No one would know that's essential viewing. You're about 5 years behind, Yahoo -- kind of like your search engine. Check out the stupidity here .

To add to the "obvious idea for a feature" list, EW.com recently ran a list of the "28 Castmates with Perfect Chemistry". Angel and Buffy, and Spike and Buffy both tied. Congratulations....you've been lumped together in a list with those kids from One Tree Hill, and Starsky and Hutch. Do they get an award for this? Click here to see the entry. 

 This was the quickie. You know you liked it.

DVD Review: Rambo
Written by Matt, on 10-06-2008 13:44

jb-rambo.jpg I finally got the chance to see Rambo when it came through my Netflix this week. Hearing that Julie "Darla" Benz was in it, and also knowing how much I loved First Blood, I had to check this out. It definitely exceeded my expectations, especially considering how each film in the series has gotten worse and worse. This one went back to what made First Blood interesting in the first place....the grittyness of it.

One thing you should know going into it is that Rambo is NOT for anyone under 14. Normally, I would say many R-rated films aren't really all that bad for kids, but this one is a pretty damn hard "R". During the war zone scenes, there are body parts flying and blood all over the place. Sylvester Stallone directed it, and as he says in the featurettes, he wanted to be as life-like as possible; going so far as to say that he shot it as though the audience would be viewing it through John Rambo's eyes. That's how it feels, and it makes the film that much more interesting.

Julie Benz plays Sarah, who works as a missionary of sorts with a group of folks. She has quite a few lines through the beginning of the movie, but as you would expect towards the end, she's screaming and running for her life. Still, her role is significant, probably the second most important part in it.

Buffing up Academics
Written by Matt, on 06-06-2008 10:34

buffyacademics1.jpg The Miami Herald website ran a story this morning about how Henderson State University in Arkansas will be holding a 3-day academic conference on all things Whedon, focusing mostly on Buffy The Vampire Slayer starting today.

I'm sure you're waiting on me to go off on some tangent where I say that this is a waste of time and money, but you won't hear it. Yep, I'm on the side that says this is a good idea.

Why? Well, we can learn a lot from Buffy; I know I have. I can't say it's all been good (pretty much anything have to do with storylines in Season Six for instance), but there are life lessons that one can attain from watching the series without being bludgeoned over the head with metaphors (for the most part) and a general feeling that there's one way that's right and one way that's wrong. There is a grey. I've learned that over the last few years, and yes, it took awhile to admit that (not that I'm excusing Spike).

There will be over 90 academic papers discussed during the conference. A couple of them deal with feminism and identity, which are definitely important subjects. Some, I'm sure, won't be quite as important...but let's not dwell on those. Hell, I have friends in college and I can tell you that you'll learn more from Joss Whedon then you will from some of these professors.

HMC's EXCLUSIVE Interview with Drusilla!
Written by Matt, on 06-06-2008 09:58

dru02.jpg She's the high priestess of darkness, the visionary minister of vampires, and generally insane....she's Drusilla. I just happened to be in a back alley in Prague (don't ask why) when I found her having supper. That dude didn't look so hot. Luckily she was full when I talked to her. Much to my surprise, she granted me an exclusive interview!

HMC: Thanks for talking with me.

Dru: *stares blankly*

HMC: Yes, well....anyway.....it's been awhile since anyone has seen you. What have you been up to?

Dru: The moon says my meatpies aren't done yet, but they will be fresh when they come out of the oven.

HMC: That sounds tasty. So you've been baking recently? I take it you're into the culinary arts?

Dru: You speak quickly. It's not particularly kind to do so....but I can see you strung up on a tree. The branches don't like you either.

HMC: Uh huh. So you left Sunnydale back in 2001. Have you been in Prague this entire time?

YouTube Pick of the Week: The Old Debate
Written by Matt, on 05-06-2008 12:37
You gotta love this clip. 
Rolling Stone Says Joss & Eliza Are Cool
Written by Matt, on 04-06-2008 10:28

joss-strike.jpg Someone apparently needs to inform Rolling Stone that they themselves haven't been cool since 1972.

Regardless, they say Joss Whedon (seen to the left looking like if Crocodile Dundee did his clothes shopping at aeropostale) and Eliza Dushku are #2 in some random "Top 10 Best in TV, the Web, Books and More" list. By the way, that "list" makes about as much sense as two dogs running from a de-clawed cat. And what's with lists nowdays? Not to say I'm not guilty of doing one or two of 'em, but still...

I blame David Letterman.

To give you a little understanding on how well-crafted this top 10 is -- trampoline accident videos are #10. So....yeah....let's not care too much about this.


Click here to read the Joss/Eliza entry.

Join Us at Sci-Fi Summer Con!
Written by Matt, on 04-06-2008 09:57

sfsc-01.jpg Do you like sci-fi? Do you like showing off your geeky-ness? Well, the start of the summer convention season always begins at Sci-Fi Summer Con in Marietta, GA. Sci-Fi Summer Con is a smaller convention featuring panel discussions, games, film screenings and more! You can buy up a whole lot of geeky toys, t-shirts and more in the dealer room as well. Think Dragon*Con or ComiCon, except smaller and more of an audience participation atmosphere.

HMC's very own Eric "El Presidente" Hendrix and Jennifer "Brittney Parker" Hendrix will be hosting four panels. The panels include, "Taking Out The Trash: A Discussion on Dexter", "Story Closed and Secrets Told: The Conclusion of Harry Potter", "The Other Harry: The Dresden Files Universe", and "The Plot Thickens: Heroes Season 2".

It all starts June 6th at the Crown Plaza Atlanta-Marietta in Marietta, GA and ends on June 8th.

For more information on the hotel and tickets, check out the official Sci-Fi Summer Con website by clicking here. Also, click "read more" to check out the other posters for the discussion panels.

Tuesday Quickies: Charisma in College and more!
Written by Matt, on 03-06-2008 12:53

cc-jw.jpg You want the quickie, you need the quickie....

Charisma Carpenter (shown to your left in the grinniest photo I've ever seen in my life) will be reprising her role on the ABC Family series, "Greek" for it's season 2 premiere episode. She's back as the national sorority representative from the 1st season. I don't watch this show, so at first glance I thought I read that she was playing a college student, but then I re-read it. Man, I had an article prepared comparing her to Jason Priestley's 120 year old butt still being on 90210 at one point. Not that Charisma looks 120...surely not. I'm just saying, she isn't 22....or 32....or 35. All of this is irrelevant anyway. Click here for TV Guide's report.

Spoiler Alert: Brian Lynch has Alex Garner's cover of Angel: After The Fall #11 up on his blog now. Check out by clicking here . I'm sad to report that I don't own any of the Angel: ATF's and I haven't read a single issue yet. Anybody want to send a guy some issues? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Sci-Fi Weekly interviewed Joss about Dollhouse. There are a few spoilers in it, but nothing that will really ruin anything for you, as I don't believe it ruined anything for me. Anyway, if you interested in the Dollhouse bananza 24/7, give it a look-see. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same things he's been saying for the last month with a couple new descriptions for the series and characters. Click here to read it.

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