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Lesbians LOVE The Whedon-Verse!
Written by Matt, on 02-06-2008 09:17

hot100.jpg Everybody's favorite sexual preference -- Lesbians (of course) -- just named their Hot 100 at AfterEllen.com (much in the same vein as FHM except with additions like the entire F'N cast of the L Word). The 3 ladies you see to your left were on that list.

Eliza Dushku came in at #28, Alyson Hannigan showed up at #59, jumping way up after going brunette, and she does look damn good. Amber "I played a lesbian, thereby making it illegal for lesbians NOT to love me" Benson pops up at #65. She was ahead of Katherine Heigl, Rachel McAdams and Kristen Bell......riiiiiight. Lesbians are funny.

I did realize one thing after looking through the list....I must not be caught up on gay culture, because I didn't recognize about 30-40 women on this thing. Who the shit are Jill Bennet and Leisha Hailey?

You can check out the entire list by clicking here .

In Tribute: Best Doyle Moments
Written by Matt, on 29-05-2008 13:08

doyle1.jpg Glenn Quinn would have been 38 today. He died of a heroin overdose on December 3, 2002. From all accounts Glenn was a nice guy and a professional. Even though he was only in 9 episodes of Angel (not counting 2 episodes where they used archived footage of him), Doyle was an extremely popular character with the fans.

Allen Francis Doyle was a half-human, half demon with a mental link to the "Powers That Be". He would get visions about some evil brewing and then have Angel go kill said evil. He was killed off in episode 9 entitled, "Hero" when he saved Angel, Cordelia and a group of half-demons. He ended up giving Cordelia his powers (we all know how that ended).

In honor of Glenn, I present to you his best moments as Doyle...


Editor's Rant: Stop the MADNESS!
Written by Matt, on 28-05-2008 12:35

dollhouse-pub2.jpg I guess it's time to finally mention that this whole "Save Dollhouse before it even airs" campaign business is friggin' ridiculous.

As a fan, I know all too well that Fox likes to knock off shows with potential (Firefly, Wonderfalls, etc), but starting a campaign 7 months before a series even begins is a bit...well....obsessed. There's a creep factor to it, like when people stalk Nathan Fillion or James Marsters. Somewhere there has to be a line that shouldn't be crossed. This is touching said line to an extent.

Why to an extent?  Well, the fans behind this campaign have a point in all of the madness. Fox DOES cancel shows very, very quickly. It especially likes to cancel serials that normally take a little longer to get going. You can't just air the pilot of Firefly, banking on your "cowboys in space" advertising as a way to get 10 million folks to tune in the next week -- that's just not going to (pardon the pun) fly.

But on the other hand, Whedon fans, Joss love them, have issues with restraint; and this could be one of those times when the restraint issue clouds over the purpose for which they're campaigning. TVSquad recently ran an op-ed article on the campaign, and while the writer of the article mentioned that it could be a clever idea, most of the piece dwelled on the sillyness of the fans to come up with such an idea long before the series even debuts. And herein lies the problem: will the distraction of the over-the-top fandom craziness of the idea outshine the reason for them being crazy in the first place? All roads thus far point to yes. 

According to Joss, Fox is very much behind the show. Sure, they said the same thing about Firefly, but you also have to remember that there are new people in charge. You have to give Joss the benefit of the doubt in this situation. He believes they are honest about how they feel about the show. Why can't we as fans just trust that and move on? I mean, it's airing the same night as the 24 premiere! It doesn't get much better than that.

Please....stop being crazy. 

YouTube Pick of the Week: Alyson's First Date
Written by Matt, on 27-05-2008 10:47
Her date looks awfully familiar. The audio is a little out of sync, which makes this even funnier.
RUNAWAYS: Running to a Movie Theatre Near You!
Written by Matt, on 22-05-2008 08:07

runaways01.jpg Lame title, indeed.

Just when you were going, "What the hell is taking so long with Runaways #30??!!" comes the ultra, ultra (that's 2 ULTRA'S, yeah!) cool news that the friggin' fabulous comic book "Runaways" is being developed for the big screen. Creator Brian K. Vaughn (ABC's Lost) is writing the screenplay. No director has been announced yet.

Let the "Joss for Director" campaign begin.

You know, if it were up to the fans, Whedon would have 15 projects all at the same time, which would surely kill him.

But really, how cool would it be for Joss to direct this? Of course it would be ideal. I don't know how much time he currently has -- with Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible on the way -- but we'll see. Joss' work on the series has been great, no doubt. His direct ties with the comic book would help the film be true to the characters as much as it could be, knowing that he has accurately written for them in the past.

Regardless if Whedon directs or not, this is still one film I'm really looking forward to; I gotta say I love the comics.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (which -- by the way -- was right about the mid-season replacement news. I love how that Dollverse site didn't mention that they themselves were wrong.)

Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD & Blu-Ray...(place Arnie joke here)
Written by Matt, on 21-05-2008 09:00

scc-dvd1.jpgscc-dvd2.jpg Come with me if you want to live....I don't know where I'm going with that. Anyway, the complete first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is available for pre-order through amazon on blu-ray and dvd. The release date for both items is August 19.

The Blu-Ray price is $27.95. The DVD price is $18.99. Keep in mind that the "complete first season" is only 9 episodes long (damn strike).

I only saw the pilot episode, and I gotta say I wasn't that impressed nor interested in it afterwards, but I keep hearing that the show gets increasingly better, so I might get this set when it comes out -- out of curiousity. Also -- Summer Glau. So that might be enough there.

Pre-Order the Blu-Ray HERE . Pre-Order the DVD HERE .

Tuesday Quickies: More Dollhouse, Jewel = full time, and more!
Written by Matt, on 20-05-2008 13:49


It's your quick fix time! Let's roll.

More Dollhouse news...

- Fox has increased the episode order to 13 episodes, with the possibility of going all the way up to 22. I guess that would depend on the ratings.

- The show will air Mondays at 8PM as the lead-in to the seventh season of 24 in mid-January. Wow....talk about a prime timeslot. Can't get much better than that. No fan will be able to complain about "how the network screwed us over by putting the show on a shitty day at a shitty hour." The only hour better than the lead-in to 24 on Fox is the lead-in to American Idol (sadly). So there won't be any "damn the network!" campaigns -- especially with all the support Fox is giving the show so far.

- There's a small interview with Joss over at Sci-Fi Wire. It's all about Dollhouse; click here for that. Another interview at Entertainment Weekly can be found here .

Other News....

- Jewel Staite has become a full-time cast member of Stargate: Atlantis just in time for it to get canceled next season. Yay! The new season airs on Sci-Fi and begins July 11th.

- Buffy #13 was the 11th best-selling comic book in April, according to the Diamond sales charts . Angel: After The Fall #6 placed 45th, and Serenity: Better Days #2 reached 32nd.

This was the quickie. Felt good, ya?

YouTube Pick of the Week: You're About to be NERF'd by Seth!
Written by Matt, on 20-05-2008 13:22

Check out that totally rad hair. Damn, boy-eee.

The 5 Most Ridiculous Buffy Moments EVER.
Written by Matt, on 19-05-2008 11:57

As per usual, I will admit with every fiber of my being that I am the biggest Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan in the entire world. But I do not see her world through rose-colored glasses. I see it with a critical mind. Trust me when I say, I could have used this entire list on Buffy's hair and wardrobe alone (does that make me homosexual in some way?), but I chose to go for parts of the actual storyline.....moments themselves. FREAKING RIDICULOUS moments. And away we go....

1. THANKS FOR SAVING US! HERE'S AN UMBRELLA. (The Prom - Episode 3x20)

ridic-09.jpg ridic-10.jpg

Many fans actually love this episode -- I used to be one of them. Upon further viewing, it might be one of my least favorite now. Why is that? Well, I don't like high school, but that might just be the grumpy old man in me. It might also be the fact that Buffy's classmates recognized she has saved them on way more than one occasion and chose to make her something for her efforts...

an Umbrella....with glitter on it.

Sneak Peek of Dollhouse!
Written by Matt, on 15-05-2008 21:02

dollhouse-pub3.jpg There's a one minute and twelve second clip from the pilot episode of "Dollhouse" now online over at seat42f.com. CLICK HERE for the clip. I have no idea how seat42f got the clip, and I have no idea why they were the first ones, or who they even are....but the clip is there, so take a look.

The more I see of Dollhouse, the more I am slowly liking the idea. It's taking awhile, but it's getting better, so that's something I guess.

This has been a long day.


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