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Weekly Ascension
Before he was the coach, HMC's Xbox created one of the greatest article series in HMC history! Relive the memories with this exclusive archive to the first Ascension article series.
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Item Title Author Hits
Fred = Girl Power Eric Hendrix 1478
Big Bad Series: Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla Coach Jon 1306
Big Bad Series: The Master Coach Jon 1620
Least-Needed Characters Coach Jon 1822
Sacrificing Strangers and Saving Friends Coach Jon 1630
Bringing Back Buffy Coach Jon 1230
Soulless Love Coach Jon 1276
Ted Coach Jon 1291
A Weekend at Dragon*Con Coach Jon 1187
Buffy Love Coach Jon 1246
Tara Coach Jon 1368
SWAT: A Glimpse of Buffy's Future Coach Jon 3327
Unfinished Business Coach Jon 1273
I Was Made To Write This Coach Jon 1652
Introducing Buffy The Vampire Slayer Coach Jon 1236
Fanatic Fandom Coach Jon 1232
Dead Spoiler Society Coach Jon 1252
Buffy: The Badass Latina Coach Jon 1358
Larry Coach Jon 1478
Alternate Reality? Coach Jon 1480
Angel or Spike? Coach Jon 1204
Willow Shipping Battles? Coach Jon 1406
Buffy's Finale Coach Jon 1648
A World Without Buffy Coach Jon 1263
Ten Things I Hate About Season Seven Coach Jon 1486
Snyder Coach Jon 1290
My Buffy Role-Playing Experience Coach Jon 1695
Father Figure Coach Jon 1373
SiTs, Please! Coach Jon 1765
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Coach Jon 2515
Forgiving Buffy Coach Jon 1246
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    Matt gives you his thoughts on everything Whedonverse. Hold on to your fake fangs.

  • Buffy.Fu  ( 10 items )

    Its like the news, but we really donít care if its really true, or moral, or funny.

  • News Suck  ( 6 items )

    Our very own Poobah brings his unique view to news most people don't even give a shit about.

  • The Locker Room  ( 14 items )

    Coach Jon returns to HMC in this new, controversial, racy, and criminally insane article series.

  • Color Me Impressed  ( 3 items )

    SevenofTN brings you the latest from the world of Whedon comic books.

  • Divine Musings  ( 18 items )

    The musings of Aeryn... need we say more?

  • Hellmouth Ascension  ( 4 items )

    Tiffany Murdock and Brittney Parker take the Ascension article series into 2004!

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