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Best Lindsey Moments: Happy Birthday Christian Kane! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 27-06-2008 09:07

ck01.jpg Christian Kane turns 34 today. I feel a little bit younger all of a sudden.

When he's not playing country pop songs in your local auditorium, Mr. Kane takes time out from twanging his guitar and singing about his dog dying to act in television and movies every so often. One character he played was evil-lawyer-with-a-conflicted soul, Lindsey McDonald on Angel.

Lindsey came from nothing. His family was poor and he had to share an outhouse with 27 syblings.....if you listen to him tell it, that's almost accurate. So Lindsey worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder to success with law firm to the evil and psychotic, Wolfram & Hart. In the time he was on the show, Lindsey had a lot of memorable moments. Let's take a look at just a few of them...

ck02.jpgYou need a HAND? (To Shanshu in L.A. - Episode 1.22)

Angel tried to stop whatever Wolfram & Hart were trying to raise in a big mystical box (it ended up being Darla), so Lindsey took it upon himself to act like he had some sort of fighting skills and try to kill a 250 year old vampire. It didn't work out so well, what with his hand being completely chopped off and everything.

But at least we got a great expression like the one to the left. Who's the pouty face?



ck03.jpg I'm Gonna Die? Okay, whatever. (Reunion - Episode 2.10)

Darla and Drusilla had many Wolfram & Hart employees trapped in Holland Manners' wine cellar. Angel decided to lock the door for them. This didn't really bother Lindsey, because I'm pretty sure at this point he was dead inside anyway. 

So Darla let Lindsey and Lilah live. He probably would've preferred to be the only one alive....or just go ahead and kill him if he has to keep working with Lilah. I honestly don't blame him.



ck04.jpg THIS HAND....IS EVILLLLLL!!! (Dead End - Episode 2.18)

After going almost a year with a prosthetic hand, Wolfram & Hart gave Lindsey a new hand. That's great, except that the hand ended up being evil. It sounds silly, but it gave us a fun episode with "kill, kill, kill" scribbles and Lindsey absolutely flipping out on Wolfram & Hart with a gun, and then leaving town. 

Angel, of course, couldn't let Lindsey get away without one more dig at him, putting a "cops suck" sign on the back of his truck. That probably went over well driving through Los friggin' Angeles. Even though we didn't see it, I bet someone got Rodney King'd.


ck05.jpg Tattoos give me power. (You're Welcome - Episode 5.12)

Lindsey started calling himself Doyle, tried to infiltrate Wolfram & Hart, gave himself magic tattoos that made him super powerful, and STILL couldn't beat Angel. Damn that old, fang-toothed bastard.

At least we got a really cool, over-the-top Matrix-style fight scene out of it.

This lead later on to Lindsey helping Angel and the gang defeat the Black Thorn. Angel didn't trust Lindsey, so he had Lorne shoot and kill him.....LORNE. Talk about disrespect. Get the non-killer in the group to do it. Lindsey was always disrespected....even with his death. What a wasted life.



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