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Dollhouse Pilot Being Re-Made: What that Really Means PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 23-07-2008 10:00

joss10.jpg I have to admit....I'm still pretty pissed off with the way Dr. Horrible ended, so I wanted to take time off, even with the recent news that the Dollhouse pilot was being completely re-made by Whedon. But I figured I should say something, even if my mind isn't in the right place with Joss-related stuff.

So Joss is remaking the Dollhouse pilot, and he says it was "his decision" to do it. Okay, I'll buy it. Eric and I had a conversation about it today, and I have to agree with him when he said he's sure it was Joss' decision. Just like he's sure that the FOX execs said, 'let's just run 4 episodes and see where it goes' in a very unenthusiastic way, and Joss got the beeping red light that the show wasn't making them happy in their pants, so he pressed the panic button.

That sounds about right to me. It's honestly the only reason I could see REALLY warranting a complete re-do. Whedon fans can suck up everything he says with a straw and just buy it like it's gospel, but I gotta say there's an underlying panic mode to all of this, and if you don't see it, you may want to get your head out of whatever magical hole it's stuck in.

I'm sure there will be more to this story later on. 

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