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In Tribute: Best Doyle Moments PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 29-05-2008 13:08

doyle1.jpg Glenn Quinn would have been 38 today. He died of a heroin overdose on December 3, 2002. From all accounts Glenn was a nice guy and a professional. Even though he was only in 9 episodes of Angel (not counting 2 episodes where they used archived footage of him), Doyle was an extremely popular character with the fans.

Allen Francis Doyle was a half-human, half demon with a mental link to the "Powers That Be". He would get visions about some evil brewing and then have Angel go kill said evil. He was killed off in episode 9 entitled, "Hero" when he saved Angel, Cordelia and a group of half-demons. He ended up giving Cordelia his powers (we all know how that ended).

In honor of Glenn, I present to you his best moments as Doyle...


doyle3.jpgDOYLE FINDS CORDELIA A NEW PLACE (Rm w/a Vu - Episode 1x05)

- Sure it was haunted by a crazy homicidal old lady, but look at the floor space! Cordelia was mega-happy with Doyle after he found out through one of his "guys" that a new apartment had recently become available. Unbeknownst to either of them, the place was housing two ghosts. Needless to say, Cordy wasn't as happy with Doyle after finding out about this little problem.


doyle4.jpgDOYLE ALMOST GETS EATEN (Bachelor Party - 1x07)

Harry, Doyle's ex-wife, shows up in L.A with a fiancee who also happens to be a demon. Doyle and Angel get invited to the Bachelor Party, where apparently it's customary to eat the ex-husband. Obviously, Doyle wasn't aware of this, because he ends up being two seconds away from getting his brains chewed on. Hilarity ensues.


doyle2.jpgDOYLE DEFENDS CORDY (Lonely Hearts - 1x02)

Yeah, he did it in almost every episode with no thanks from her, but Doyle threw a punch at a guy in a bar in this one. The guy accused Cordelia of being a prostitute and Doyle her pimp. So Doyle did what any stand up guy should do, give the guy a sucker punch. This resulted in a big brawl with chair flying and everything. A good time was had by all.



It was mentioned at the top, but it shouldn't be skipped on the list. This was a very, very significant moment in the history of the series. Doyle is about to sacrifice himself to save everyone, but he needs to relinquish his visions to somebody. He chooses Cordelia. She doesn't really know this until the next episode, but he's given her his most prized possession. Also -- he wanted to make out with her. I guess the guy got at least SOMETHING for his heroism.

Rest In Peace, Glenn.


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