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The 5 Most Ridiculous Buffy Moments EVER. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 19-05-2008 11:57

As per usual, I will admit with every fiber of my being that I am the biggest Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan in the entire world. But I do not see her world through rose-colored glasses. I see it with a critical mind. Trust me when I say, I could have used this entire list on Buffy's hair and wardrobe alone (does that make me homosexual in some way?), but I chose to go for parts of the actual storyline.....moments themselves. FREAKING RIDICULOUS moments. And away we go....

1. THANKS FOR SAVING US! HERE'S AN UMBRELLA. (The Prom - Episode 3x20)

ridic-09.jpg ridic-10.jpg

Many fans actually love this episode -- I used to be one of them. Upon further viewing, it might be one of my least favorite now. Why is that? Well, I don't like high school, but that might just be the grumpy old man in me. It might also be the fact that Buffy's classmates recognized she has saved them on way more than one occasion and chose to make her something for her efforts...

an Umbrella....with glitter on it.

I'm sorry. I know teenagers have more money than that, especially teenagers from Cali-frigging-fornia. I forgot to mention that glued to it, it has a $3 name-tag with "Class Protector" etched on it. All in all, the price of these kids being saved week after week is worth about $8.95. That sounds about right. People will say, "Oh Matt, it's supposed to be meaningful and sentimental. It doesn't matter how much it cost." That's true. It doesn't matter how much it cost.....but it couldn't have taken more than 15 minutes and a trip to Office Max to make the damn thing, so how meaningful is it? THIS is how much she MEANS to them? Give me a break.

2. DUMPSTER SEX (Doublemeat Palace - Episode 6x12)

ridic-03.jpg ridic-04.jpg

Ugh. Buffy couldn't "feel" -- I'm still not entirely sure what that means, and I'm pretty positive neither did Joss and company. I'm thinking they thought it sounded like a good enough reason to get Buffy into bed with Spike, so there you have it. To make Buffy's problems even worse, she didn't have a lot of money (thanks for that, mom!) so she had to take a job at the Doublemeat Palace (thankfully not for long). What we get after some sweet talk from Spike (as sweet as Spike can talk) is, you guessed it....some sweaty, ground beef-smelling dumpster sex in the back of the building. Oh, the romance.

I think this scene and many other gag-worthy ones like it in season six proved that this isn't exactly the way you want your hero to look. She needs to be in trouble, even emotionally, but we don't want her in trouble of possibly getting a venereal disease.

3. HORSE POWER! (Spiral - Episode 5x20)

ridic-07.jpg ridic-08.jpg

How slow can a Winnebago go? From this scene towards the end of season five, I'm guessing pretty goddamn slow. Giles has the RV's pedal to the floor at the time that the Knights of Byzantium (who deserve a ridiculous article all of their own) come rolling down the road. The only problem is, it's fairly obvious that the van is going MAYBE 20 miles per hour (and that's being generous), and -- if you pay close attention -- the horses aren't even at a full gallop. All in all, a pretty ridiclous scene which makes me laugh every time I see it. The Knights' silly costumes don't help matters either.

4. RILEY AND SAM'S WILD RIDE (As You Were - Episode 6x15)

ridic-05.jpg ridic-06.jpg

This episode begged the question, "How can you bring back one of the least popular characters in series history and make him even less popular than before?" Answer: Give him an equally irritating wife and have them fly off on a harness attached to a helicopter in downtown Sunnydale. WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT? Who wrote that? How did that end up in the final draft? So far, the other ones listed have at least a right to be written, but this one has no right....at all.....ever. Whoever thought that it would be cool to have Riley "Captain Cardboard" Finn strapped to a harness and fly off into the darkness IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN should have been fired. If it was Joss, he needed a vacation at this point.

Regardless, it may be one of the most unintentionally funny moments in the history of the show, let alone television as a whole. Especially at the point when Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn are looking up at them and waving. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Beautiful.

5. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! (Amends 3x10)

ridic-01.jpg ridic-02.jpg

Merry Christmas, Buffy Summers -- your boyfriend didn't kill himself because of the First Evil, and it's snowing in Sunnydale! It's as silly as it sounds. For starters, if you didn't see the snow coming within the first 15 minutes of the episode, you should not be allowed to read this web site. They made mention of "how hot it was this Christmas" at least 3 times. If that doesn't tell you something, you're kind of slow. Also, the fact that the snow is what made Angel decide to not kill himself doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Is it because it's a miracle that snow is falling, considering it was like 90 degrees less than 3 hours earlier? I guess that would freak me out and straighten me out too, but really for only a few minutes while I question how dramatic temperature changes occur like that.

Does that mean Joss Whedon believes in a God? Because all signs before and after this moment show that he doesn't seem to --- but this moment stands out as the only one that makes it seem like he does. I'm ultra-confused. How else do you explain it? Scientifically, I'm pretty sure weather can't change that dramatically in that amount of time. There wasn't any magic involved....I guess MAYBE the "Powers that Be" could've had a hand in it....but really, who are "The Powers That Be, hmmmm? Put your noodle around that one.

God, Powers That Be, freak occurance or not.....it was a pretty ridiculous moment.

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Posted by Skytteflickan88, on 31-05-2008 16:43, IP, Registered
1. bla
Hm, several comments didn't make it. Too lazy to re-post.
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Posted by Skytteflickan88, on 31-05-2008 16:39, IP, Registered
2. nr 3
I guess I'm slow since I didn't see the snow coming. This will be my first and last entry since I'm too slow. I'm feeling the urge to call you a name now. *giving in* You rude asshole. Now I feel better. 
Angel asked himself and Buffy why he was back. Then a miracle happened. I would have wondered "Is it something evil that made the snow so that I would live and kill Buffy?" but can you really blame the guy for thinking that it meant that someone or something good wanted him to live/brought him back from hell? 
So, those were my views.
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Posted by Skytteflickan88, on 31-05-2008 16:35, IP, Registered
3. nr 1
Colorful and interesting article. I have a few responses that will take several comments: 
Hmm.... I still love the Umbrella. I was so jelaous when she got it, which is weird I know, but I still want it. It looked to pretty and made with affection. True, a kid could have made one, but I still like it. i mean, the umbrella was a metaphor. She saved them from monsters, she was their umbrella. She protected them from the monsters/rain. Am I the only one who see the poetry in it?
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Posted by blkswansec, on 19-05-2008 13:27, IP, Registered
4. Dumpster Sex?!?
What's wrong with Dumpster Sex? It could be fun, if you're a hooker or if you ignore the smell, roaches, rats, other creepy crawlies and trash in general...NAH!!!
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