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Top 5 Connor Moments: Happy Birthday Vinnie! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 05-05-2008 11:55

hbvince.jpg Vincent Kartheiser (Connor - Angel) turned 29 today. While we at HMC congratulate him on this crowning achievement in not yet dying from an overdose or a motorcycle accident, we look back at the good times he gave us. Here are the top 5 Connor moments! Let's count 'em down...

#5 - CONNOR BURIES ANGEL UNDER WATER (Tomorrow - Ep. 3.22)

Who didn't think about doing this to their old man once or twice? I know I did....and dad if you can hear me, I'm sorry I forgot you that one time. Rest in peace.

Connor was all tricky and shit when he made Angel believe he wanted to be a dynamic duo, but behind it all was a kid who thought Angel had killed his step-father Holtz. The only real problem is that no one is that stupid, not even Connor. He should've and I think DID know that Holtz made it look like Angel killed him. He just wanted an excuse for killing his dad. Ah, the wonder years.


What brass balls on this kid. Faith breaks out of prison to help save Angel, and while they patrol, Connor decides to dust the first vampire he sees. Problem is, Faith told him to chill. One thing leads to another, and Faith smacks him around a bit and sticks a crossbow to his neck. It wasn't his best day, but it sure was funny watching him get the slayer version of a spanking.

hbvince2.jpg #3 - CONNOR RETURNS WITH AN EMO HAIRCUT(The Price - Ep. 3.19)

To tell you what kind of an ego this kid had from the beginning one may only hear what he called himself in his dimension......The Destroyer.

No, I'm not kidding.

So he comes out of a portal, and let's just be honest here....someone desperately needs a shower. Either there are no bathtubs in Quor'Toth or he just recently did a sprint through the Fire Swamp. Regardless, Connor came back and one can only assume he's here to befriend and love his father, right? RIGHT?

#2 - CONNOR WITH NO MEMORY....SWEET. (Origin - Ep. 5.18)

So Angel had Wolfram & Hart erase Connor's memories of being a little prick, and gave him to a good home and a place in which he could actually take a shower. This seemed to be the right move for him. It turns out Connor still has his cunning and his power. So much so that his parents become worried about him and they turn to Angel.....oh, sweet irony. Later on, Connor realizes Angel is his father, but he stays non-prickish about it. I guess living with less mortal danger changes a person...huh.

hbvince3.jpg #1 - CONNOR NAILS CORDELIA (Apocalyspe, Nowish - Ep. 4.7)

I wish I never would've seen it, and yet it can not be denied that it happened. Cordelia Chase (mind you it wasn't really with Cordy's brain) slept with Connor. I can not give you the proper adjectives that would describe the first time I, and many others, saw this. All I can say is it was significant for a couple reasons.

Firstly, it gave you a nice, easy way to regurgitate the change you accidently swallowed earlier in the day. Secondly, it finally made you realize that Joss might ACTUALLY be human and flawed.

Thirdly, it was significant because......damn son.....no matter what you think of that twirp, you gotta give him props for it.

You the man, you dirty little shit!


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