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eBay Sillyness: Own a piece of Joss' shirt....no, seriously. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 06-05-2008 14:00


I was just surfing through eBay today and I found something interesting that I didn't know existed until now...

To your left is a Veronica Mars season 2 trading card with a piece of the cloth from Joss Whedon's shirt that he wore in the episode he was in as "Douglas".

I am dead serious.

That triangle beside him? Apparently that's part of the shirt. You can rub it and make a wish or something....I have no idea. What I do know, however, is that someone is trying to sell one of these for $18.95 as a starting bid on eBay.

I have an undying love for Whedon as much as the next completely heterosexual gentleman, but come on now. If Joss himself saw this, he would have to laugh at the sheer fandom craziness of it all. I have some Buffy/Angel/Firefly memorabilia just like every big fan of those shows, but I can't see how anyone could justify purchasing something like this.

Who could you possibly show it to that would think it was cool or....you know.....sane to own? Sure, if you got it for a couple bucks or free, I could see owning it just for a fun little laugh and all. But $20? REALLY, guy? I love eBay.

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Posted by blkswansec, on 06-05-2008 14:41, IP, Registered
1. EBay
But Matt Ebay's wonderful. For example you know all that free swag they pass out at Cons? They sell it there. So if you missed out on getting your free swag, you have a chance to buy it for 3 times it's worth. Yep Ebay sure is wonderful... :grin
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