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Before They Were Joss-Verse: Alexis Denisof PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 22-08-2008 09:47

It's a journey back to when no one knew of this guy named "Whedon" or his crazy casts. It's "Before They Were Joss-Verse!" This week's installment focuses on our favorite Watcher turned Rogue Demon Hunter....Alexis Denisof.

Before Alexis became Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Buffy and Angel, George Harrison requested his services in the popular, yet horribly repetitive 80's hit "I Got My Mind Set On You." In the music video, Alexis woos a girl by apparently lip-synching to George's song, and pumping a lot of change into a toy machine. Will he come up with a cheap, plastic gift for the girl? You could cut the anticipation with a knife!

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Posted by Nora, on 22-08-2008 11:44, IP, Registered
1. Hey!
Being a die hard Harrison fan, I have to say, regardless of the repetitive of the song, it's still a catchy tune :p ...and Alexis was cute even then :)
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