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YouTube Pick of the Week: Over 3 Minutes from Buffy The Animated Series PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt, on 04-08-2008 10:24
A few years back, we were about to get an animated series about Buffy. It never happened....well, sort of. They apparently made a little bit of it, 'cause that's what we have above. The chick who does Buffy's voice in the video games, Alyson Hannigan, Nick Brendon and Tony Head do the voices in the clip. So yeah, no idea why this didn't make it. Looks like it could've been cute.
Thanks to TV Squad and Jennifer for finding the clip.
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Posted by Tye Steele, on 25-08-2008 15:18, IP, Registered
1. Love it!
I would watch the Buffy cartoon any day! If we can't have the old series back then the cartoon would rock!!
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