MGM greenlights "The Cabin in the Woods"
Written by Matt, on 09-07-2008 08:24

drewjoss1.jpg Variety is reporting that MGM has greenlit the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard-penned script, "The Cabin in the Woods." It's a thriller that will be Drew Goddard's directorial debut. Very cool for him.

The link to the variety article can be read here. Thanks to Doc Furious for the news.

Joss has been a busy, busy man. With Dr. Horrible set to launch online next week and Dollhouse slated for a January '09 airdate, he's got a lot going on. I'm really looking forward to seeing Goddard's directing debut, as he's always been a favorite writer of mine since his days on Buffy. I normally love the episodes he writes on Lost, and I was a big fan of Cloverfield, so this should be interesting to see.

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