Reminder: Dr. Horrible will be posted this week!
Written by Matt, on 14-07-2008 13:31

drhorrible1.jpg Just a quick reminder that Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will be online this week. The first part of the three-parter will be up tomorrow (Tuesday, July 15th) at The second parter will be posted on Thursday, and the final part on Saturday. You can catch it all at the official website of the online film.

It will be hard for this musical to exceed expectations, because the expectations seem to be extremely high. The media outlets that have already seen it say it's awesome, so it's getting high praise before it even airs. I'm hoping that the website is on a good server, because with all the word-of-mouth and blogs posting about it, it should have a healthy amount of traffic going to the website starting tomorrow. Bandwidth issues could really muck up the works.

Not to say they'll get Firefox numbers or anything, but when Firefox 3 was released a couple weeks ago they had to shut down the downloads for it because of the extremely high amount of traffic that was coming to the website. I'd imagine Dr. Horrible isn't on the same type of high-powered servers mozilla has, so it has to be a concern. Again, I don't believe this will get firefox 3 traffic, but it could get exceedingly high traffic. It really depends on how well the marketing campaign played out.

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