Thursday Quickies? May-haps a little of everything.
Written by Matt, on 31-07-2008 10:00

prinzejr1.jpg - There was a lot of stuff coming out of Comic-Con, none of which I'm particularly interested in so I didn't cover anything. It was basically more of the same. There's talk of a 4th installment of Dr. Horrible, but at this point it would have to be completely flipped on it's ear to make me feel the need to cover it.

- Chico Jr. got a job! Good for him, I thought he was done for....well, I guess he is, 'cause his new job is writing storylines for the WWE. Yes, THAT WWE. Earlier in the week it was announced that Vince McMahon gave our favorite SMG tag-along a job writing for the "sports entertainment" company. Have fun with that.

- Mike Myers is writing Austin Powers 4, which will focus on Dr. Evil and Scott Evil (Seth Green). I think I speak for many folks when I say, "Do we really need this?"....Seriously? Anyone remember "Goldmember?"

- On a personal note, I just saw The Dark Knight (finally), and Heath Ledger is as good as everyone says he is...and more. Go see it, if you aren't one of the millions upon millions who haven't yet.

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