Eat Dinner with James Marsters for $150!
Written by Matt, on 13-08-2008 08:58

marsters1.jpg Seriously, I try not to be so negative, but it's stories like this one where I find myself hating the fandom I'm involved in.

As most people who check out fan conventions know, Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA is coming up soon, and James Marsters will be there. If you didn't know, the D*C people go absolutely ga-ga for him, and that includes the people in charge. A well-placed source told me that the folks in charge concentrated so much on getting him that they let Adam Baldwin slip through their fingers....again. 

Well, now 60 of you can feel the warm supernatural glow of Mr. Marsters by joining him for a special dinner in Atlanta.  The cost....a measly $150.

$150???!!!! To eat dinner in the same room as an actor? REALLY?! Feel these nipples!

You can't just sit down and have a conversation with him the entire evening either. You have to listen to him sing and play guitar when he gives the room an accoustic performance. It's comparable to paying to go to the circus and watch a monkey do tricks. I mean, come on....isn't this a bit like....I don't know....prostitution? 

For those of you with absolutely no concept of using your money wisely, the information for this "special" evening is here . By the way, there's good chance you'll get to talk to him. Just like a politician at a fund-raiser, he'll come to your table and talk to you as if you matter after he's already put your money in his pocket. But at least think of it this way, you'll get to ask him a question that he's probably already answered 4,000 times have it!

Dragon*Con starts Friday, August 29th.

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