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Lesbians LOVE The Whedon-Verse!

Everybody's favorite sexual preference — Lesbians (of course) — just named their Hot 100 at (much in the same vein as FHM except with additions like the entire F'N cast of the L...

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RUNAWAYS: Running to a Movie Theatre Near You!

Lame title, indeed. Just when you were going, "What the hell is taking so long with Runaways #30??!!" comes the ultra, ultra (that's 2 ULTRA'S, yeah!) cool news that the friggin' fabulous comic book...

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Sneak Peek of Dollhouse!

There's a one minute and twelve second clip from the pilot episode of "Dollhouse" now online over at CLICK HERE for the clip. I have no idea how seat42f got the clip, and...

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First DOLLHOUSE pics! nabbed the first publicity photos of the Dollhouse cast. Check 'em out. Dushku's lookin' pretty smokin'. The cast looks kind of ho-hum in their first shot, but maybe they'll grow on me.

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Dollhouse News directly from Joss!

Kristin from E!Online recently spoke with Joss Whedon who informed her and us of the following…. ON DOLLHOUSE — – Joss will be directing the second episode as well as the finished-on-Friday pilot, just...