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A Very Late Review on Dollhouse

So I finally caught up on Dollhouse, and… ….it's not too bad. Some may say, "Why'd it take you so long to watch it?" Some may say, "You aren't helping the show by not...

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Dollhouse panel slated for Comic Con

Ah, San Diego Comic Con. A yearly event to give us geeks an excuse to dress up like Klingons and some friggin' manga characters. It's fun and pathetic all at the same time. This...

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Lesbians LOVE The Whedon-Verse!

Everybody's favorite sexual preference — Lesbians (of course) — just named their Hot 100 at AfterEllen.com (much in the same vein as FHM except with additions like the entire F'N cast of the L...

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Editor’s Rant: Stop the MADNESS!

I guess it's time to finally mention that this whole "Save Dollhouse before it even airs" campaign business is friggin' ridiculous. As a fan, I know all too well that Fox likes to knock...

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Sneak Peek of Dollhouse!

There's a one minute and twelve second clip from the pilot episode of "Dollhouse" now online over at seat42f.com. CLICK HERE for the clip. I have no idea how seat42f got the clip, and...

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First DOLLHOUSE pics!

IGN.com nabbed the first publicity photos of the Dollhouse cast. Check 'em out. Dushku's lookin' pretty smokin'. The cast looks kind of ho-hum in their first shot, but maybe they'll grow on me.