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It’s a Girl for Alyson and Alexis

In happier news, today it was announced that late last week, Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof had a baby girl. They named her "Satyana", which I can't pronounce, so it must be a good...

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News: Andy Hallett Dies at 33

It's sad that I come back with my first post in months and it's this… As you probably already know, Andy Hallett passed away on March 29th at the age of 33. He was...

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Lesbians LOVE The Whedon-Verse!

Everybody's favorite sexual preference — Lesbians (of course) — just named their Hot 100 at AfterEllen.com (much in the same vein as FHM except with additions like the entire F'N cast of the L...