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A Very Late Review on Dollhouse

So I finally caught up on Dollhouse, and… ….it's not too bad. Some may say, "Why'd it take you so long to watch it?" Some may say, "You aren't helping the show by not...

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News: Andy Hallett Dies at 33

It's sad that I come back with my first post in months and it's this… As you probably already know, Andy Hallett passed away on March 29th at the age of 33. He was...

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Dragon*Con Is Over…and I’m back.

"See? I told you it was a good idea to hire that extra security." I didn't go to Dragon*Con this year, and by all accounts I'm really glad I didn't. I don't know much...

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Dollhouse panel slated for Comic Con

Ah, San Diego Comic Con. A yearly event to give us geeks an excuse to dress up like Klingons and some friggin' manga characters. It's fun and pathetic all at the same time. This...

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RUNAWAYS: Running to a Movie Theatre Near You!

Lame title, indeed. Just when you were going, "What the hell is taking so long with Runaways #30??!!" comes the ultra, ultra (that's 2 ULTRA'S, yeah!) cool news that the friggin' fabulous comic book...

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First DOLLHOUSE pics!

IGN.com nabbed the first publicity photos of the Dollhouse cast. Check 'em out. Dushku's lookin' pretty smokin'. The cast looks kind of ho-hum in their first shot, but maybe they'll grow on me.