Category: Slayer Encyclopedia

Being a concise and true account of the people, vampires, demons, spells, rituals, phrases and
places we have encountered on our journey with the Slayer from seasons 1 through 6.
As compiled by Dreamer.

Kaiser Sosaye’d — Kyle 0

Kaiser Sosaye’d — Kyle

Kaiser Sosayed: tricked into believing the bad guy is really a good guy, and on your side! Kakistos: Greek name meaning ‘the worst of the worst’. Kakistos was a vampire so old that he...

Jack — Justin 0

Jack — Justin

[ J ]   Jack: manager of the on campus bar at UC Sunnydale. Created the beer Black Frost with the aid of his warlock brother-in-law. Jack Mayhew: see Mayhew, Jack. Jack O’Toole: see...

Halfrek — Hyena Possession 0

Halfrek — Hyena Possession

[ H ]   Halfrek: As a human she was Cecily, the one that broke Spike’s heart. Halfrek was the vengeance demon for wronged children. She was also Anyanka’s best friend. Halfrek pretended to...

Dagon, Monks of — Dusted 0

Dagon, Monks of — Dusted

Dagon, Monks of: brethren of monks dedicated to protecting the Key. It was they who gave it form and sent Dawn to Buffy, hoping that the Slayer would be able to keep the Key...